Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Before & After Dining Room



The Jane Churchill Wallpaper in our dining room is a big hit with everyone that comes over! Ladies, Gents -- they always comment on how they love it! It is a deep raspberry color and really a perfect color for entertaining – makes you want to eat more and have another glass of wine!

I really liked the original crown molding throughout the house, but since they put up all new ceilings, the original was ripped down. So I took a piece of the original and matched it pretty closely at Anderson Mcquid – a really great place for unique frames and moldings.

I can't believe it will be one year this June that we moved into our house. After the major renovation of this 2,000 sf house, we still have a ton of decorating to do! I picked out an amazing Lelievre silk blend, textured fabric, which is the same color as the ground of this JC wallpaper, for the soon to be drapes. We were lucky enough to get the dining table and hutch from my parents, very Baker looking and the rug from another relative. Thank goodness for family! I like the rug, still it needs to be moved out of this room, too busy for the dining room. In the meantime, I need to protect the newly refinished floors, so it will stay for now!


  1. The room looks amazing. I'm so glad you went to the length to find a match of the original crown molding, because it looks beautiful.

    A great remodel. Are you planning on redesigning anymore rooms?


  2. Hi Tim,

    Thank you for the compliements! I actaully remodeled the whole house and yes getting the perfect crown molding makes all the difference!


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