Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Pierre Frey Fabrics: The French do it Best!

A couple years back, I had the pleasure of meeting Patrick Frey, at a luncheon in San Francisco. It wasn't surprising that he is wonderfully creative and extremely passionate about textile design -- he told me about how he based a large scale "sky print" from a particular sky he saw while vacationing in France.

Patrick is the head of the famous Pierre Frey textile company, a family business since 1935. I have always loved Pierre Frey fabrics and the layered french look! The colors in the textiles are so saturated and the prints are gorgeous! Below are some decor pictures with all Pierre Frey Textiles. Also check out the Pierre Frey website and blog, they also have a full line of ready made curtains and accessories!

Pierre Frey Showroom New York

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