Monday, March 16, 2009

Spring Refresh = China Seas Quadrille Fabrics

Quadrille Fabrics, have been a longtime favorite of mine. Above, is Meryl is sitting on the Melinda print, black on tint, this sofa is a bit much -- still obviously perfect for The Devil Wears Prada! Below are some China Seas Collection prints, in some beautiful settings from Architectural Digest.

Quadrille started to do a small tunic and purse business a couple years back. I have seen these totes in person and they are so fun and perfect for the beach, etc. It would be nice to have one of those Quadrille tunics! At least it's not like Tory Burch tunic, where you'd have to worry if 10 other people are going to have it!

Below, are some samples of the China Seas Collection by Quadrille - perfect for Spring or Summer pillows - or go nuts and upolster a full chair or sofa!
To see the full collections go to

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