Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Filthy Gorgeous

Mrs. Stanley Dollar Jr., San Francisco -Michael Taylor
Last night I started the reading the new book on Michael Taylor, which is such a fun read for me -since I managed the flagship Michael Taylor Showroom in San Francisco for a couple of years. I have some "off the record" funny stories I could share about Michael....but I wont'...
The Syrie Maugham sofa, was designed for Syrie, to look like the back of a couture gown. Syrie wanted a sofa that was visually beautiful, where she could entertain and have ladies teas.
The Syrie Maugham Sofa, is perfect for a formal room or den. I have even seen it done in a deep tobacco color suede for a mans den. It floats in a room beautifully, because the back of this sofa is even more gorgeous than the front!

Available at http://www.michaeltaylordesigns.com/

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