Friday, October 9, 2009

The Perfect Leopard Sweater and Predatory Prints!

Marc Jacobs, Leopard Sweater

Ever since I saw the Gwen Stefani video Cool, I have wanted the leopard sweater she wears in the video. It's perfect! I love the video, it's visually amazing. What can I say...I love pop music and Gwen and Italy - makes me want to plan a trip to Lake Como

Since I have never been able to find that sweater (*it probably Dolce & Gabanna, circa 2005) I am thinking about his Marc Jacob cashmere sweater above. However the truth is...I have made some animal print fashion mistakes, please see below - it seemed like a good idea at the time...

Animal Print Mistake, Exhibit A

......a predatory print mistake? It's looking a little like a Moo moo in this picture.

This is Beca Rory, 2007 never worn -- it actually looks terrible on me. Gray is not my color.

The model had this on with a pair of black stocking and black patent leather heels, very mod.

I guess it's just a little too much like a costume....for me.

Which got me thinking...I could be Mrs. Robinson for Halloween, get a wig and finally wear this darn thing. I wonder wear I can get a wig like this?
Below is Designer Markham Roberts, using Starks Leopard and Tiger Print Silk Velvets, Tastfully sprinkled into these amazing rooms!

Happy Friday!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

August & September Charity Events

Joe & I on the Shooze Cruise

It was great to have an opportunity to donate my interior design services for a raffle, to the 6th Annual Shooze Cruise. My brother John Leavitt and our friend Tim Nolan, started this event through the Jones Foundation. This year was the most successful with 205 pairs of shoes collected and $9,000.00 to support programs for Boston's poor and homeless

Over 200 New Pair Shoes Donated!
Another event I am proud to be part of is the Stop & Shop - Giant Family Foundation Golf Classic supports charity. Which raises over $1 million dollars annually to, fund supports of athletic and educational programs for youths in all areas served by Stop & Shop and Giant. I was thrilled to offer a $500.00 Gift Certificate, from Kristine Mullaney Design for the auction.

Giveaway Hand painted Sigrid Olsen Tray

Hand Painted Tray, By Sigrid Olsen

Please make a comment below to be considered for the giveaway! How would you use this?

Here is a video on Sigrid a bit of her story and new Venture the Isla Beach House
Sigrid is so inspiring and she has generously, offered this fun/beautiful ceramic tray as a giveaway here on Living With Style! Sigrid, has a new shop in Gloucester, the Isla Beach House. The shop has a little of everything, comfy casual wear, a hand painted ceramic line by Sigrid and a bunch of accessories sprinkled in...her is the post I did on the Isla Beach House, awhile back.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

HOT HOUSE FLOWER Winner & Tomorrows Giveaway

Lindsay over at Everythingleb won the HOT HOUSE FLOWER PILLOWS!

Tomorrow, I will be doing another giveaway from a famous local clothing designer, Sigrid Olsen. I did a post awhile back on Sigrid's new shop the Isla Beach House and Sigrid has given very generous and beautiful piece, a hand painted painter platter, by Sigrid. I will post the photos and the giveaway tomorrow!

Thank you again Sigrid!

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Quick Snaps of Partially Done Projects

Charlestown, Guest Bedroom
Please excuse the Iphone photos, these are some quick snaps shots of some partially finished bedrooms I am working on. Still waiting for drapery to roll in, etc. Professional photos of a bunch of my finished work will be done and updated on my site in Nov. Yayyyy!

Charlestown, Master Bedroom