Friday, October 31, 2014

New England Hall of Fame Gala 2014

Next week is the New England Hall of Fame Gala, which is alway such a fun night! Last night, I finally found my dress, it is always a last minute selection for me. 

                               Kristine Mullaney, Eric Roseff 

Eric and I have an annual tradition of getting our "Prom Picture" taken at the event. I hope Eric brings me a corsage this year! 

Monday, October 20, 2014

1 Year

Michael & I, August 2014, Chatham - Photo by Kelly Cronin Photography 

Two weeks ago my son turned 1.  It's been a very busy year full of excitement, tons of changes and lots of love and cuddles! 

I took on a project at the Boston Design Center, the seminar room on the 5th floor, where I collaborated with Amanda Lindroth on the redesign.  The project had a tight deadline, but not as tight as the one I was operating on…The project was installed the day Michael was born! 

This blog has been very neglected because when I have not been working on projects, I am spending all my time with this love bug. However, over the past year I did work on some amazing and fun stories with great writers Marni Katz and Maria LaPiana, and I would like to share two of my projects that were published as well as some of my favorite shots of the spaces ( Brookline, here and Back Bay here

New England Home Magazine, heres are some of the photos, also to read the article go here  

Kristine Mullaney Design, Photo by Michael J Lee 

Kristine Mullaney Design, Photo by Michael J Lee 

Kristine Mullaney Design, Photo by Michael J Lee

Kristine Mullaney Design, Photo by Michael J Lee 

Kristine Mullaney Design, Photo by Michael J Lee 

Kristine Mullaney Design, Photo by Michael J Lee 

Kristine Mullaney Design, Photo by Michael J Lee 

Kristine Mullaney Design, Photo by Michael J Lee 

This is a super fun family I have been working with for years, I hope to share some photos of their summer home soon!

Switching style and Projects, Marni Katz wrote a lovely article about my Back Bay project, below are a couple of my favorite shots of the space by Michael J Lee. More can be seen in the article as well! 

 Kristine Mullaney Design, Photo by Michael J Lee 

Kristine Mullaney Design, Photo by Michael J Lee  

Kristine Mullaney Design, Photo by Michael J Lee 

I have been working on some really fantastic projects, I hope to be able to share some soon.
I promise it won't be a year until I post again!

P.S. If you happen to be in Chatham next summer or have an upcoming wedding, Kelly Cronin is amazingly talented and easy to work with, we had the best time when she did a family photo session with us this past summer!

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Dressing the Bump - Maternity Fashion

About a month ago, I need to pack up all my pre-maternity clothing and put it away till after this fall. 
Maybe I have not done enough "research," but I feel like there is not enough info on stylish maternity wear or maternity friendly fashions and how navigate the maternity fashion landscape. 
Anyone else have this experience? It also could have to do with the fact that I have never given maternity fashion a minute of thought, before I needed to....or that I am extremely particular...
It might not be a sexy topic or something, who knows....?!

Pea in the Pod, has been very hit or miss for me, so I have been doing lots of online shopping and mixing in maternity friendly & maternity pieces. Here are some below......

So far my favorite Maternity lines have been Serephine Olian and Tiffany Rose. As I type, I just signed a DHL package to my office for the above dress. Hope it's as cute on! 

Anyway, below is a list of maternity friendly dresses and maternity lines that I have found to be stylish, while accommodating "the bump." After all, when you have places to go and things to need to look cute while rockin the bump!

 While shooting NECN's, style watch with Anna Rossi - In the DVF Beres 

Here I am about 4.5 months in the DVF Beres Dress. Since I am very petite 5, 2" this dress works while expecting, if you are over 5,5" this dress may look too short while your bump grows. Still available at Saks

The DVF, Fleurette dress is really flattering and comfortable for a more formal occasion, I got this in Navy and in a similar style from DVF the Fenobe Dress in a royal blue

Calypso is another maternity friendly line, I have had luck with and they are having a killer sale right now!

The Shula runs large, I bought it 2 sizes larger than I would normally and it's still fitting at 6 months.
I got this style in the emerald & the blue -- only because in the summer I really do not like wearing black, since I wear it SOOO much in the winter. You can call the stores to see if the emerald, blue or the orange color is available

Here I am in the at 5 months in the you can see there is lots of room in the A-line cut of this dress for a growing bump....

The Nettie is a gorgeous flowy option from Calypso, I will likely wear this with a pair of wedges -- a very low wedge by my standards at this point....

Rachel Pally has been a long time favorite of mine. The jersey material is so light & airy -- very comfortable, but stylish. Mostly for beach wear or just bee- bopping around running errands - I love the short caftan. Just ordered this white number in a size larger to accommodate the bump. Love this apricot Caftan as well....

Some of my favorites from Serephine & Olian

I cannot tell you how comfortable this striped dress is, I have received many compliments on it....
It's an insta outfit, so cute....

The dress on the left by Olian, The Emma, is a super fun maxi for the summer - can't wait to wear this one! 

Here are some dresses I love from Seraphine

Emerald Green is just so stunning...dress up with gold earrings & strappy gold heels.....

Love this nautical navy pin strip dress from Seraphine - adorable and perfect for super hot days 

One day I was at the Burlington Mall, with my biggest maternity fashion supporter, my Mom, and I randomly tried on these dresses from INC, it's there "Inc Beach" line -- and the cotton/model fabric  stretches and is very comfortable, a little more of a fitted look. Macy's has those crazy sales, and after you use the coupons, there dresses are super affordable. 

Here I am with some friends and my Mom & Brother in LA, post brunch in the above dress....
I have gotten a ton of wear out of it....

5 months

Summer would not be complete without a little Lilly

Just ordered these two in larger sizes, the Maxi will work for any height - the Maxi needs to be hemmed - but the Grace looks great on a more petite frame. 

What are some Maternity or Maternity friendly lines you have had luck with? Would love to hear your favorite pieces!

Monday, June 17, 2013

Re: Legends 2013, La Cienega Design Quarter

Nathan Turners Window, design by Eric Hughes
So chic, simple and beautiful. Eric's inspiration was clothing designer Bill Blass

I cannot believe it's been a month since my trip to LA! Time really does fly....
Here are some pics from my fabulous day, at the La Cienega Design Quarter's - Legends 2013 event! You can also check out some more photos on my instagram page here 

Loving this map of West Holly Wood and the whole vintage vibe....
This vintage sheep fur stool in person is amazing.

 Hollywood at Home 

Loving this worn vintage wicker sofa, it' has a very Ralph Lauren vibe...

This living room vignette, reminds me of maybe what Malibu Beach Barbie's living room may look like....

Tell me you can't see her in that living room? It's made for her....
I would not mind having Barbie as a client, that girl really does have everything doesn't she...?
Couldn't resist sorry!

This chair is so darling....

Thank you Boston Merida for your all your hospitality at the VIP lounge! 
How cool is this Celerie Kemble, Catalyst Carpet?  It's a little thrashed in this pic from the Traditional Home Party the night before. You can see a more clear pic of it here.... 

Flowers at the bar in the Merdia VIP lounge 
How vibrant and beautiful is this arrangement?

Kelly & I at her design studio....

....lazy eye in full effect here, but I wanted to share this pic 
I had the amazing opportunity to meet Kelly and get a tour of her design studio. She was incredibly gracious & sweet -- and the studio is everything I thought it would be & more!

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

NECN Part 2 - Dining Room Before & After - Artist, Jeffery Terreson

Kristine Mullaney Design, Photo by Michael Lee

Below is the second segment I did for NECN's Style Watch! This dining room in the same floor-through, right off the great-room, seen in the first segment here. 

I blogged about the before & after transformation here. As you can see, I added a huge piece of abstract art in the dining room in place of the French gilded mirror. I was really drawn to this huge abstract piece by Jeffery Terreson, I loved it's vibrant colors and how unexpected it is in this space....

Terreson's dramatic and unique encaustic technique, adds an major texture and color splash in this otherwise very traditional space. It's no wonder Jeffery's gorgeous work is collected by tastemakers such as, Ralph Lauren and Joseph Abboud and many others in the fashion/art world in beyond...

Newbury Fine Arts is one of my favorite local Galleries, they represent Jeffery Terreson -- if your ever in on Newbury Street, you should check out owner Liz Novick's amazing Gallery & collections!

Here are some other pieces of Terreson's I love...

Working with Anna Rossi, and the team at NECN Style Watch,  and the Boston Design center on these two segments was such a blast! Thank you for the great opportunity!

Thursday, May 9, 2013

re: NECN Features a Room in My Back Bay Project

This past Monday I was on NECN's Style Watch with Anna Rossi. This is the segment -- also my first time on TV! This is one room of this floor-through project, you can see more of this home here 

Coming up on May 20th on NECN, I am on will be speaking about the dining room! 

A big thanks to NECN & The Boston Design Center for choosing me to do this feature

P.S. ...For those of you wondering, I am indeed 18 weeks 
"Pregnant in Heels" here! 

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Re: Hermes Library

 Last week, I was watching Million Dollar Decorator, which I can relate to way too much - mostly Mary - even though I seriously adore Martyn Lawrence Bullard after spending a couple of hours with him last fall for dinner, which I wrote about here. He is hilarious, genuine and engaging....Not to name drop - but I feel it's appropriate considering it's Martyn....

Anyway, I am doing this charming library in a family home and was brainstorming concepts when I thought the Hermes colors would be fun! Ok, back to #MDD... if you are watching, then you know that Mary is re-designing her space. She made a trip to Gracie paper, all their papers are gorgeous! This above paper will be perfect framed as art work on top to the very chic and modern Phillip Jeffries, Dark Chocolate Strie below.

                                   My desk....fabric, wallpaper & other design elements of the room....

Phillip Jeffries , Lacquered Chocolate Striae - Delish! 

Dennis & Leen Chairs, Fabric on the chair  is the Hermes Orange Herringbone Pattern, above on my desk...
With a custom matching ottoman.

Two Side Tables, like these ones from Mattaliano

This Candice Olsen Carpet, which is afforable and 100% wool - will be perfect for this client since they have a couple of pets and children. The colors are a true dark chocolate & ivory, you can find it here...