Friday, February 25, 2011

One Posh Sofa

Tory Burch, looking amazing on her super posh Sofa!

I first saw this sofa in the 2007 Vanity Fair Article on Tory Burch, it's been on my cork board ever since!

The plush velvet, the super deep seating, this sofa has all the bells and whistles -- or in this case all trims and fringes! So, this is a concept I am considering for my living room....still, I think I would do my sofa in this pretty blue...instead of green...and in a slightly less formal way (the trim is less intricate.)

Pillows=Silk Tiger Velvet, Sofa=Blue Velvet

Taking away the Tiger Pillows...and adding cut velvet for pillows.

....I can't do without the tiger pillows, what am I thinking?!?!

Oh and Tory....I love that dress! Somehow it always comes back to dresses for me :)
Happy Friday!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Egerton Hotel - Book Me!

Recently I was chatting with travel expert Jonathan Epstein, owner of Celebrated Experiences, as I am planning a trip to England and Scotland this summer. My Mother is of Scottish decent ( I have a Brother that plays the bag pipes and the whole bit) and I have never been to London. I know gasp!

....and well I like the color green, and I have been seriously bitten by the travel bug this winter - so I really need to get this trip in order!

One of the Boutique hotels he suggested was the Egerton Hotel -- and of course I just loved the decor! It's looks like something I would have designed....see below...

Egerton Hotel - Handsome in Blue & Brown

Cozy Living Room at the Egerton!

Tea anyone?

This Hotel is so Charming! I hope to be walking through these doors this summer!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

What's New?

KMD, Detail Shot Living room in Wellesley - another sneak peek

As you can see the Blog has had a renovation! I love the new look!
Shari from Little Blue Deer gave LWS this crisp new design, the header has pieces of my work and other elements that I love...

Very busy over here working on design projects, working with my graphic designer to finish up the KMD site --- and getting ready to leave for a tropical getaway. Just what the doctor ordered, after this brutal winter!

Other news, I recently designed a piece of furniture which is being produced by a well known local showroom and displayed on their floor, at the Boston Design Center! My first signature designer piece, I can't wait for the reveal of my design.

Also, if you have not signed up for my Louis Vuitton book giveaway, you can here.

I will leave you with one of my favorite quote on style.....

"Style is knowing who you are, what you want to say and not giving a damn."- Gore Vidal

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Visual Life - The Sartorialist

A very inspirational video from the amazingly talented, Scott Schuman
His blog The Sartorialist is something I look forward to everyday!

Darin Geise: English Country Side in SF

Darin Geise's home, owner of Coupdetat, was recently featured in San Francisco Magazine. As I mentioned in a previous post, Darin started me in the design business, over 10 years ago.

I love the English influence of Darin's layered and cozy Potrero Hill home. The colors are warm and's the kind of place you want to come home to, light a fire and put your feet up! It's so Darin's style to take something fresh and fun like the high gloss trellis and layer large scale, serious portraits on top! Darin has always had great style, he is master a making it all look "acquired" and not stuffy.

You can read more about Darin in this article, here, the interview is by the legendary Diane Dorran Saeks.

My first Day of work, I show up a little early and see a lone bag in front of the shop (*Darin must have left to open the doors) the bag looks like this -- and being pretty young at the time, I think this is fabric sample bag or a briefcase of sorts. Then the bag starts Barking (I am really confused) ....Darin appears, let's out little Eleanor - the showroom dog...

Dog that looks like Eleanor, one of Darins pups
How cute is she?!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Louis Vuitton Giveaway LWS, will be giving away a Louis Vuitton Crocodile Neverfull in chocolate brown - Just kidding!

I just wanted to get your attention ;) Imagine though...that would be amazing!

I am giving away this brand new LV coffee table book, below!

Last week I bought this book, Louie Vuitton: Art, Fashion and Architecture
by Camille Scherrer -- for a photo shoot (styling purposes), for one of my projects. I decided it should be given to the one of my bloggie friends....

To be a contender to WIN THIS FABULOUS Louie Vuitton Book:

1) Become a follower of LWS
leave a comment - maybe tell me about your "dream purse"!

2) "Say my name, say my name..." - Tweet me baby at @KrisMullaney
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3) "like" KMD on Facebook, here
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4) Blog about this giveaway
leave a fourth comment and let me know ;)

Video Displaying Camille Scherrer's Beautiful work! It's a must have for your collection!

My favorite LV collection was last springs/summers - Rose Florentin

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

"I love Beauty, it's not my fault" - Valentino

Yesterday I spotted this dress on the Coveteur, it a Carolina Herrera, worn by Karla Martinez. I am in love with this dress! Then is got me thinking about how much I love dresses and how amazing it must be to be a couture dress designer....

Which lead me to think about one of my favorite dresses, my wedding dress.
.....ironically, the initial choice was between a a Carolina Herrera and the dress I ended up choosing below, by Manuel Mota. The Carolina Herrera was of course classic and beautiful, but when I saw this dress on a headless mannequin in the corner of a Maiden Lane shop in SF - I instantly knew this was the one!

My wedding dress, by Manuel Mota

I loved my Mothers dress too, by Teri Jon

funny candid...not a great photo of me - but great photo of the dress

Another huge plus - is that I could move in it -- which is always nice in a gown!

I need to run! ...still I thought I would leave you with the trailer from
Valentino, The last emperor. Ahhh to be a Dress designer......
I find this documentary really funny!

Ciao Bella!

Photography By Person Killian

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Hallway Renovation

In March, KMD is excited for the demo/renovation of this hallway below. The design concept I choose for the floors, is above (*obviously on a smaller scale.) Don't you just love it!

The area you can't see below, because I am standing in it taking the iphone photo, is the front door area (about 12 x 12) is being turned into a very stylish and functional mudroom. The built-ins are finished in a high-gloss black, shaker style cabinets - top to bottom (with over 10 feet ceilings.) It's going to be so AMAZING, dying to share this entire project of this historical home, once it's complete! It's been a project I have been working on for awhile and all the rooms I designed are modern classics!

In the meantime, I thought I would share the before pics and another element in the space.

Hallway before...

Recently restored staircase, (which you can't really see in my iphone pic) I had finished in a high-gloss black (about 6 coats I believe), then BM - decorators white.

Cabinet I designed for foyer, below.

Here is the Faux Bamboo Cabinet drawing I designed for the foyer (*in progress pic below, being built by my very talented furniture craftsman.) This cabinet will sit under the staircase, and is being finished in a true Tiffany blue - I literally gave the finisher a Tiffany box and asked him to match it!

Finish...for Cabinet

Cabinet at workshop, waiting for hardware...

Just waiting for the hardware to roll in for this piece, then the faux bamboo gets applied, the piece get's finished, then place in the new gorgeous hallway and Voila!

Hardware for Cabinet

Monday, February 14, 2011

Glimpse of a Project

The past two weeks, I have been working with Ben Gebo to capture some of my most recent projects -- for the launch of the site KMD site -- coming soon!

Quick teaser shot of my work..a vignette detail shot in a dining room. Look forward to sharing these new projects soon ;) stay tuned...

In the meantime, follow me on twitter for updates on my work and just the daily life of an interior designer!

Happy Valentines Day!

Off to clients meetings! Cheers!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Your Full of It!

As a way to cope with the weather, I virtual shop (still, I mostly end up buying albums on itunes.) Can't wait to dust off my full skirts and dresses this spring -- loving this trend. It's flattering, comfy and polished.

Pink Tartan, Daisy Dress - abstract print above, plain tan below (*the back has an exposed zipper) These are Twirlin skirts ladies - nice and full.

Love the exposed zipper...

Joe & I - tanner times

Rockin the full skirt last summer. Shoshonna 2010, on sale now on blue fly

Then, this Valentino dress - not full, but I am in love.....see on the runway here
The roads are clear, off to the design center!

Have an amazing day ;)!

The Alternative Wife - A Sweet Escape

How I felt this morning...when look out to about 5 feet of snow.

Since, most of the showrooms I usually visit have been closed for two days, because of the snow -- I have been able to have a bit of time to check out the blogosphere. One I am really loving is is Alternative Wife, the photos read like a La Perla advertisement, and the blogger Dawn seems lovely. All photos below are via the Alternative Wife, check out the blog here - it's a like a romantic escape with dashes of pinks and pretty things!

Just love this whole look...
My French Bed....of course.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Build An Ark - Sweet Things

For the full effect, listen on the Maison Verni Site, here

Last night when I came home from work, I reluctantly started the task of searching for a pair of serious snow boots online. Let's face it, winter clothing is just not sexy and well, snow boots, like flats are like a disease to me (homage to Lisa Vanderpump my fav housewife) -- so naturally I get sidetracked and somehow start looking for beach towels. Anyway, it was a good thing -- because I found this gorgeous song above -- please hit play.

I found myself on the Maison Verni website -- and I just feel in love with site & the background music (*I like the towels too!) It's by artist "Build An Ark" and the song is "Sweet Thing" - it reminds me of summer....and well less complicated times.

Is it me or does this instrumental have a hint of Van Morrison? Specifically, Tupelo Honey? If you listen at around the 2:21 point, I am hearing strong similarities.....

...but then, it also reminds me of the band AIR.....has the same nostalgic feeling a this song

Still, my choice would be this Missoni Beach Towel -- if I were looking for a beach towel....
But I am not, I am looking for boots - right?

Anyway, I did end up finding a pair of snow boots and found a great new band - which is fantatic! Here are my new snow boots, I call them my "Black Swan Boots" - the Sorel "Joan of Arctic" boot
Apparently, they are cozy up to -25 degrees, so I guess they will do the job. 47 days till spring!