Friday, September 30, 2011

Friday Je t'aime... Gin Fizz

"A woman who doesn't wear perfume has no future" -Coco Chanel

Clearly Coco's thoughts were in black and white. During a trip to Paris earlier this month I came upon Lubin perfume, and picked up a bottle while in Saint Germain. This is my new favorite fragrance, it's really light and fresh.... further description here on the Lubin site. Perfume & mascara are two essentials for me everyday, I feel naked without them! I think it amazing how the right perfume can make you feel happy!

The perfume was created for Grace Kelly- incidentally, one of the three perfumes and one of a dozen other products created in homage to the style icon (also notable, the Hermes Kelly bag). Makes you wonder about the fashion icon's magical influence!

If a sejour to Paris is not in your near future, you can also order online through Lucky Scent.

What are the essentials you cannot leave the house without? Did pick up a local treasure while traveling that you adore? Would love to hear all about it!

Happy Friday to you all!

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Sleeping Beauty

Custom bedding has been "all the rage" here at KMD! Fine custom bedding is such a beautiful finishing touch to an elegant bedroom, don't you agree? All of my clients have been loving this unique stamp that they can place on their most personal space.

This bedding I designed just came in and I had to share. Here is a glimpse of the bedding with the other elements in the it will still will be a couple months until my client moves into their new home. This gorgeous cut velvet is being fabricated into large euro shams, which will have a huge "wow" factor!

I can't wait till this bedroom is done in November, so I can share the pictures! Thank you to the ladies at the Patterson Group for taking these beautiful photos!

Bedding, Designed by Kristine Mullaney Design

Tomorrow, I will be featuring a custom piece that I designed through jiamoderne and a line of acrylic occasional pieces soon to be launched.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

It's Been a Long Time

Some electropop for your wednesday listening pleasure...

The industrial view from my office, sunset last week!

It's been a very eventful couple of months here at KMD, I moved into a new office in the Boston Design center building, hired two new employees and we're busy as ever! Currently we are working on a major home renovation and design project in York, Maine, multiple projects in the Back Back, Wellesley, Belmont and Winchester.

Key to my new office at the BDC, very exciting times!

Now that we are settled in our new office, we are going to be posting more regularly!