Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Re: Hermes Library

 Last week, I was watching Million Dollar Decorator, which I can relate to way too much - mostly Mary - even though I seriously adore Martyn Lawrence Bullard after spending a couple of hours with him last fall for dinner, which I wrote about here. He is hilarious, genuine and engaging....Not to name drop - but I feel it's appropriate considering it's Martyn....

Anyway, I am doing this charming library in a family home and was brainstorming concepts when I thought the Hermes colors would be fun! Ok, back to #MDD... if you are watching, then you know that Mary is re-designing her space. She made a trip to Gracie paper, all their papers are gorgeous! This above paper will be perfect framed as art work on top to the very chic and modern Phillip Jeffries, Dark Chocolate Strie below.

                                   My desk....fabric, wallpaper & other design elements of the room....

Phillip Jeffries , Lacquered Chocolate Striae - Delish! 

Dennis & Leen Chairs, Fabric on the chair  is the Hermes Orange Herringbone Pattern, above on my desk...
With a custom matching ottoman.

Two Side Tables, like these ones from Mattaliano

This Candice Olsen Carpet, which is afforable and 100% wool - will be perfect for this client since they have a couple of pets and children. The colors are a true dark chocolate & ivory, you can find it here...

Thursday, December 6, 2012

re: Small Room Transformation - Before & After Shots

ROOM BEFORE - a very dark and victorian sitting room

For the past couple of months I have been working on this back bay floor-through, condo. I wanted to share the before and after of one of the rooms.

Room After....
Kristine Mullaney Design

As you can see, the room has been completely redesigned. The wallpaper and custom paint -- really brighten up this room. Love the gold accents, for the drapery treatment -- it really compliments my clients Antique gilt mirror and the Damask wallpaper found for this room.

Kristine Mullaney Design

The colors in this antique Khotan are spectacular! Took a bit to find this beauty, but well worth the wait!

Of course of big drippy chandelier...

Monday, October 22, 2012

NE Magazine - Perspectives

I was recently invited to take part in New England Home Magazine's Perspectives article -- and was asked to choose a Table Lamp, Floor Lams, and a Chandelier. Below is the article and my picks for all three categories. New England Home Magazine also featured me in there blog, which you can see here....

Special thanks to New England Home Magazine for featuring me! 

Friday, October 19, 2012

Smoke & Mirrors! ...and TV's!

I was in Paris last week and had an amazing time! Finally got the chance to visit some museums that I didn't get to see last fall. This time I got to see Museum d'Orsay, Rodin Museum, and Les Invalides. I also had a great time at Hotel Costes

Right across from the hotel we were staying at, the Westin Vendome, was the Carolina Herrera Boutique. When I walked in I couldn't help but be blown away by a mirrored TV that they had, and the detail of the finished carpentry. I love that it does not look like a TV!

                                                            The center mirror is actually a plasma...

Plasma TV with Mirror Screen Saver - LOVE!

Another shot of the Gorgeous Caroline Herrera Boutique....

I have had TV's on the brain a lot lately because I am in the middle of redoing my own living room. Even though it is a very common... and I know everyone has a TV installed over the mantle I am having trouble doing this...

So, I decided to bite the bullet and get an ArtScreen by Vutec. It is a TV when you want it, and a painting when you don't. There are two options, the ArtScreen Studio Series, and the ArtScreen. The Studio Series, lets you choose from a dozen or so pieces of art that can be placed in the frame, and with the ArtScreen you can choose from an array of art that they have or submit art of our own. I like the idea of the Artscreen because I can submit any art work I desire... 

If your like me and dislike the thought of a TV above and mantel, another option would be to get a mirrored TV from Seura, just like the one in the Carolina Herrera Boutique -- or an ArtScreen. 

Special thanks to Pat Molettieri from Extreme-AV, for helping me with all of my Audio Visual needs. 

Powder Rooms With Punch!

Here is some recent press on a Powder Room I recently designed at a Winchester residence. You can read the full article here

This is just one bathroom in a larger project which included, two other full baths, a family room, living room, and bedroom. I hope to share more images of the full project soon! 

Many thanks to photographer Russ Mezikofsky, for the beautiful images, and writer Marni Elyse Katz from Boston Globe Magazine

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Lalique Interior Design Exhibit at Bloomingdale's with Kristine Mullaney Design

If you are in the Chestnut Hill area tomorrow night, stop by this gorgeous Lalique exhibit!

I was honored when Bloomingdale's contacted me to host this event, a couple weeks ago I received a private tour of the line on exhibit only till this Friday and it is spectacular! Below are a couple of my favorite pieces. I hope to see you!

I would love this on a really dramatic interior door -- maybe on a high-gloss black door or high gloss raspberry....

The Orgue Chandelier also featured in the below interior shot a stunning chandelier and even more impressive in person. Available in multiple tiers as well...

To see more of Lalique's interiors line you can go here -- or stop by tomorrow night for a glass of Champs!

Friday, August 17, 2012

Lights, Camera, Action! Detail shots of a recent project - Kristine Mullaney Design

If you're following the KMD page, you know that last week I was preparing for a photo shoot of a family home renovation and design project.  This was a first floor gut renovation & redesign (flipping the location of the dining room and kitchen) an entire hallway renovation, a new staircase (3 floors) and a renovation of all 4 bathrooms. Previously I did a blog post discussing the hallway and foyer renovation, you can view that here.

I love a good renovation, there's something about knocking down walls and having things brought down to the studs, and then making it beautiful again that I seriously love. It's a messy process and I am very involved with the contractors and craftspeople who help make the magic happen. SO MUCH SO, that my clients son (5 at the time) asked why I don't wear contractor boots and work gear like the rest of the men. He said, "it's seems like she just bosses them around!" He was legitimately perplexed! Ha, out of the mouth of babes! Which was funnier at the time then I am portraying here...but I digress...

Michael J Lee shot the house last week. I am showing some detail shots...which are obscure , because it is being submitted to a magazine -- so unfortunately I cannot reveal too much!

I look forward to eventually sharing this fun and fresh family home with you and other projects soon! In the meantime follow my FB page for glimpses of the projects while in motion.

Also you can see some other full renovation and design projects I have done here, here and here and then of course there is always the KMD site.

Vanity Info: 

Glamorous Vanity: Catherine Vanity Desk Bungalow 5

...because chances are if you love glamour, you have a serious product problem - and you need to
keep that stuff put away! BTW, my vanity looks nothing like this....mine looks more like this..

Sconces: Crystorama - Chelsea Collection

This vanity was screaming for a little bling! So these Hand Cut Crystal Wall Sconces were the perfect fit for side lighting. HOWEVER,  you also need down lighting and side lighting. A nice bright sconce is going to give you the best light for make-up, having the above Juno light, which is a softer light distribution and the side sconces, is going to make sure you have all around lighting. So no shadows while you are doing make-up application. The Juno is a just a soft beam to make sure you're lit from all angles...because unless you're going on stage you don't need a vanity light like will only drive you banana's because you will over light your face!

Recessed Juno Lights, for the best Make-up light: Juno trim with a 4” Low Voltage FROSTED MR16

Chair: Swedish 18th Century Side Chair, another pair available at Antiques on 5 

Shoes: Christian Louboutin, Lady Peep Shoe in Fuchsia - or as I like to call them Lady Gaga Shoes

Please do not attempt to wear these shoes unless you know what you are over 6 " it's a LONG way down -- definitely a recipe for Fashion Road Kill!

Fashion Road Kill, Carrie Bradshaw

Still these Lady Peeps are great if all you have to do is stand...or be in a photo shoot!

 Jewelry: All the costume Jewelry is mine on the table, just random pieces from here and jewelry designer I recently discovered and love is  Roni Blanshay  - her turquoise necklace and earrings are above on the table...and below on ME.

Kris and Lindsay
Last week at my brother in law Tim's engagement to Lindsay! So fun! You can get a good view of the Roni Blanshay earrings on me here...loving her designs!

Cosmetics and Perfume: As you all know Tom Ford can do no wrong in my eyes...I love his lipsticks and also his Portofino Eau De Parfum is a wonderful summer fragrance....only a little though, because it is very strong....

Dining Room: 

Kristine Mullaney Design, Dining Room Rendering

Awhile back I did a blog post with the original rendering of this room and how I came up with the built-in closet concept. You can see that blog post here 

Originally, I really saw this room in an emerald green color. However, the client loved this deep eggplant color -- which is actually very dramatic!  

Below is a detail shot of some other elements in the room...

Detail shot of Dining Room, Kristine Mullaney Design
iPhone shot

I custom designed the carpet through Landry & Acari, the foundation of the carpet is wool the geometric pattern is silk. 

The table, an antique find, I had restored in a high gloss black with silver accents to compliment the silver leaf on the ceiling and in other areas in this dining room. 

The nail head chairs, a designer resource, is the perfect chair for the room.

Art in Dining Room:

Warhol - Ingrid

An original Warhol, of Ingrid is also featured in the dining room.
Ingrid Bergman, in Casablanca done by Warhol, a classic and iconic piece.

Let's move forward to the kitchen, shall we....

A sharp contrast to the pristine vanity detail shot, below is a detail shot of a very durable and functional  kitchen. This kitchen has a vintage yet modern feel. Soap stone on the counters and all childproof materials for this heavily trafficked kitchen.

Hopefully you'll see the whole house in a glossy magazine in the new year or sooner! XO - Kristine

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Charles in Charge -

Charles Spada, Kristine Mullaney - Hampshire House Boston - Charles Spada's discussion on the renovation of this home in Normandy, France

Recently I attended Charles Spada's discussion on his work to restore the 1652 Manoir de Berthouville with Historic New England's Ogden Codman Design Group. It was so amazing to see the before pictures of the this home, which was previously a hunting lodge and place for soldiers to slumber during the war and then home to a large family. Charles told us the about all the different characters in the process (French Contractors...seriously cannot imagine) who worked on the renovation/restoration. I only wish I had the before photos to show in the post -- to show the amazing transformation.

Charles is has been incredibly gracious and welcoming to me, he is a great Man, and ridiculously talented designer. To see more of his work look here - I love how he blends modern sensibility with antiques and other classic elements.

Also, he used to design women's clothing, so I love talking clothing with him as well :)

 I frequent his shop, Antiques on 5, for one of a kind unique accessories and Antiques -- because obviously he has amazing taste.  Here are some of my favorite finished photos of his project. 


Design by Charles Spada

Design By Charles Spada

  If I remember correctly, the above eye photo is a the eye of one of Charles's friends, a photographer I believe....
I love compositions like this....

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

"Let me throw you another one!!" - Red Sox Fan Bill Hogan Throws First Pitch at Fenway Park on 100th Birthday

This past weekend, was a weekend long celebration for my husband Grandfather,
Bill Hogan, who turned 100 on saturday and threw out the first pitch at Fenway.

I will add more photos later however, this video really sums up what an
amazing person he is, he didn't like his first pitch -- so he told the catcher he wants
to throw another. I would imagine it's this kind of spirit that get you to 100!

It was such a fun and special weekend....he is just a spectacular person, and I feel
lucky to know him!

Friday, March 2, 2012

Friday Je T'aime: Kitchen Renovation - From Drab to Fab! Kristine Mullaney Design

Below are the before and after shots of kitchen, one part of a multiple room renovation that includes a Great Room, Dining Room, Upstairs Children's Bathroom and Foyer. The kitchen was totally gutted and entirely re-designed with new floors, cabinetry, appliances, lighting, hardware, plumbing fixtures window treatments, and furnishings.

For the kitchen, I selected reclaimed antique chestnut flooring. This environmentally friendly flooring has a lot of character and compliments the cabinetry.

Don't you love this oak pantry -- I love the combination of white cabinetry mixed with wood!

I chose a stool option similar to this upholstered counter stool. The large island comfortably seats three people. The stool will be upholstered in a durable duck cotton - the vibrant red color upholstery fabric compliments the red present in the flowers of the Celerie Kemble for Schumacher drapery fabric.

I selected this Celerie Kemble for Schumacher fabric, aptly named Hot House Flowers. The vibrant pattern packs a punch of color.

Chameleon Lighting pendant lights illuminate the counter space -- the cut crystal adds understated sparkle to the space! In person they are simply gorgeous....

The sinks and faucets are Waterworks, the cabinets are a designer resource and the hardware is from Cliffside Industries.

What would your dream kitchen look like? We would love to know!!