Tuesday, February 17, 2009


How spectacular is this Turquoise Empire Chandelier by Marjorie Skouras!?! When I saw this amazing piece in House Beautiful, in Designer John Willey Nantucket guest house -- I needed to know more about the lighting designer! Majorie Skouras's lights are the jewelry to any room! Below are her gorgeous lights featured in a couple projects! Also, I think I finally found an a perfect entry way light for my foyer -- the honeycomb lantern.

Honeycomb Lantern
My new entry foyer light! How perfect is this!?

This chandelier is so charming! I love it!

Gem Knobs!

Can you believe these are knobs? So absolutely beautiful....

Friday, February 13, 2009

Pure Beauty: Recession Proof Products

Rosebud Salve is hands down the best clear lip treatment - love the soft smell too - $6

Moroccan Oil Products $16-26 online
Love the hair product Moroccan Oil (name of the line, it's not oily) Especially the Hydrating styling Cream. You can get a bottle for about 22.00 - it lasts for about a year -- a little goes a long way. http://www.monstermarketplace.com

Great Lash: $4.50
So Lauren, from Sarra Make-up studio, told me that when they do print and runway models -- they specifically use Great Lash because it has Tar in the ingredients, so when the camera flashes go off -- the black which lines your eyes doesn't get washed out -- it's pops because of the intense black tar ingredients. Great everyday mascara.

Purpose Face wash: $6
This is my favorite face wash, gentle, effective, not drying. Dermatologist have it in there office, so it has to be good.

Neutrogena Tinted Moisturizer: $10.49

The cult favorite is Laura Mercier's tinted moisturiser, which I love. However, at $42 a pop -- and if you are using it everyday -- it can't hurt to try Neutrogena Healthy Skin Enhancer Tinted Moisturizer. I am pretty sure every Walgreen's has a money back guarantee, so pick two colors, go home and test it out. Both the LM & Neutrogena have SPF and moisturizer -- I wonder how different they can really be....? On sale at drugstore.com

Shu Uemura's Eyelash Curler: $17
NEVER SKIMP ON AN EYE LASH CURLER! Shu Uemura's emblematic eyelash curler.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Recession Shopping

I can smell the spring here in Boston! This morning, I could see parts of the lawn. Which means, ladies -- it's time to start thinking about Dresses and open toe shoes! Dresses are so simple to throw on for work -- here are some of my favorites for spring/summer 09!

Also, since no one is actually buying these dresses at full price, most of them will be on sale at Saks within a month or so. Another tip, get to know a personal shopper at Saks (no charge for this service) -- or your local stores. My right hand lady is Phyllis at Saks, she knows my style and my size -- when items goes on sale she puts them aside, then gives me a call to come and try on all the goods. Roll your eyes if you want....but Phyllis pulled aside a Red Valentino dress for me, originally a $750 dress - which I bought for $115.00 -- and an open toe patent pair of Kate Spades for $45. Phyllis isn't messing around -- she loves her job and she is happy to bargain hunt for you :)


Diane von Furstenberg

One last thing about the Mother Ship, Saks.
...part of Sak's mission statement is that each sales person should give you full service, one stop shopping, "personal shopper experience" -- so really you "should" be able to find any sales person to do this for you (*the above mentioned) -- however, this is like anything...you need to find someone you like and who understands your style.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Michael S. Smith's Home = Perfection

Michael Smith's Los Angeles home, is my idea of absolute perfection. It is cozy and functional, yet very elegant and understated. His home has antiquities and investment antiques which give it that acquired and timeless look. While I work at Foster-Gwin, Michael was one of the best clients, purchasing amazing pieces. I have also had a couple of friends work for Michael and they say his is a tireless perfectionist. Which would explain his home -- Perfection.

This living room is perfect for entertaining with all the extra cushy seating...and it looks so
conversational and comfy!


Tuesday, February 10, 2009


It's seems like there is a little doggie boutique on every corner these days. My clients dogs are, of course, part of the project! Below are some fabrics I have used for some custom Dog beds -- for princess Lucy and Roxy! Above is Carlton Varney - otherwise known as Carlton V, talking about his love for dogs and his experience with clients and their beloved 4 legged friends.


As you know, Carlton V took over Dorothy Draper & Company in the 60's -- one of my favorite designers of all time. Last year, Carlton book was published about Dorothy's work and life, In The Pink -- a spectacular coffee table book -- and an interesting read if you are into interior design history.

Monday, February 9, 2009

History Repeating

Coined the "Dean of American decorating" Billy Baldwin (1903-1983) was a genius! It is rumored that the book is being re-released this spring. The book, Billy Baldwin Decorates, A book of Practical Decorating Ideas -- is a must have! He continuously reinforces that the best interiors "...should begin as an outgrowth of your own personality, then become more personal,
and welcoming with every year." This is how I work with all my clients, trying to draw out their style, their lifestyle needs and how they function in thier home. It's does'nt matter if somethings beautiful or fashionable -- if it doesn't work for you! Baldwin's work has influenced so many young designers and will continue to do so!

Ventry Furniture has come out with a furniture line which reflects Baldwins style, I have featured a couple pieces.

These this Turkish Ottoman are very cool -- would love to use in project!

Turkish Ottomans, great for pulling together a room -- extra seating or as a foot stool.

Baldwins Studio Office Library, talk about packing a ton of style in one small space! He lacquered these walls in Coromandel Brown -- how fabulous! This has some elements of Coco Chanel's apartment, with the deep cognac colors mixed with light tones and layers of chic.

Coco's Den Below...

Coco Chanel's Paris Apartment.

Sidenote: Coco Chanel, used REAL suede on this sofa, way before ultra? suede became popular in the 90's -- Coco was so ahead of her time...with everything!

Other Items from Billy Baldwin Ventry line below...

Very sharp looking book shelf's -- love them! Brass mixed with inset black marble.

The studio sofa from Ventry, not to big -- not too small, still cushy enough to fall into or take a little cat nap!

For more Billy Baldwin Inspied pieces, go to http://www.ventryltd.com/

Watch for the re-realse of his Iconic book on Amzaon: http://www.amazon.com/Billy-Baldwin-Decorates-practical-decorating/dp/0030010217