Thursday, March 19, 2009

Farrow & Ball: Simply Beautiful

I am using Farrow & Ball Wallpaper in two projects right now, the soft and elegant Silvergate wallpaper for a dining room, sample seen below (my client loves Carolina Blue, which is the real hue of this wallpaper in person.) Then the Ranelagh Papers, the Geometric Optic looking pattern below, in s soft pink for a baby's nursery. Above, the sample Silvergate wallpaper, shown in much more contemporary/zen like decor, it is so fun to see the Farrow & Ball papers used with a twist!

Farrow & Ball's paints are fabulous too! I feature the colors in some rooms below.

This is the actual scale of the Silvergate paper.

Ranelagh Paper - Soft Pink
I am using this wallpaper for a little girls pretty is this?

Ranelagh Papers - Bright Yellow
Can you believe these are the same wallpapers? The intense yellow, color splash of F&B wallpaper -- really jazzes up this otherwise pretty ordinary bathroom.

St Antoine BP 926

Again, same wallpaper. Completely different look and application - so interesting to see.....

Farrow & Ball "St. Antoine" (BP943)

Tented Stripe wallpaper ST1341


Farrow & Ball does the Glamorous look well too! The Lotus Print is based of a french archive print and influenced by the Arts & Crafts Movement -- still I think is looks pretty Hollywood Glam. Perfect for a powder room!

Featured on Patrica Gray's Blog, one of my favorites,

No.253 Drawing Room Blue - A traditional ‘salon’ blue, this colour’s clean hue is reminiscent of the pigment Cobalt, used by artists and discerning decorators ever since its discovery in the 19th century.

No.248 Incarnadine - A rich, crimson red, similar to the red gloss paint used by the late David Hicks at Baron’s Court in the 1970s.

No.251 Curlish Green - A yellow-green colour has been used decoratively for centuries, both on its own and as a ground beneath patterned wallpapers

No.245 Middleton Pink - A very delicate and near-translucent traditional pale pink which is pretty without being too sugary.

No.242 Pavilion Gray - a pretty light gray

Do you want your Cabinet's Painted in Farrow & Ball?


  1. My living room is laid out very similarly to the first photo, albeit in a much less holy-cow-that's-beautiful way.

    Great post, thanks for letting me know about your blog.

  2. Thank you Grandon! I am so happy you like it -- coming from you that's big :) Hope to be showing more HOLY COW that's beautiful things!!

  3. What a beautiful post. I am glad that I could be an inspiration to you.