Monday, October 31, 2011

Monday Je T'aime... Arne Reimer

Overhead shot of Dancers at Rehearsal, Arne Reinmer

Recently, I stumbled upon the work of Arne Reimer. I was immediately captured by the realistic present in his work and wanted to know more...

Reimer, a mixed media artist, currently resides in Germany. So he proved to be quite difficult to track down. He completed his MFA at Mass Art and then began teaching at Wellesley College before returning to his native Germany. He has shown his work at several local galleries in Boston. He has two series circulating in the US at this time- dancers, shown below, and a second series of a movie theater. This project was completed in 2001, and is entitled Kraftig Nicht zu Schnell (Forcefully, Not too Fast). The title alludes to the pace of performance yet stillness present in these images.

His work suggests a very narrative composition. What I think is so wonderful about his work, in this series, is that one can relate from every perspective - be it a performer, audience, or backstage or waiting in the wings. The frames offer multiple vantage points- some up close and some from sweeping aerial views.

We are excited to be the first blog to share this series of Kraftig Nicht zu Schnell (Forcefully, Not too Fast), by Arne Reimer on Living with Style.

I can't help but think of this compositon as a modern day Degas....

I love this really feel like your in the wings.

My favorite.


P.S. Je T'aime Friday will resume to it's dedicated Fridays...last week we had too much work and the clients come first ;)

Friday, October 21, 2011

Friday Je T'aime... Nude Shoes

Valentino, a favorite of mine -- picked up last spring.

"Obviously I made a mistake wearing my Louboutin shoes, I should've worn flats, but flats to me is.... like a disease." -the exquisite Lisa Vanderpump

Since I am tiny, 5'2", I am always in heels. To me they are more comfortable because my body is so used to them. It could also have to do with the fact that I grew up dancing and was always uncomfortable during shows; dancing in pointe
shoes, tap shoes, charter shoes .... so my feet are just used to being uncomfortable - to a certain extent. Needless to say, I will make a podiatrist very rich one day!

Last weekend, I got my weekly dosage of thought-provoking literature New York Times Style section case of Blahnik v. Louboutin. Heavy reading. Although I adore the glamour of Louboutin, my arches are too high to wear them and I do find it a bit ridiculous that someone can thinks he can trademark a primary color... but back to my point...

Still, I don't care if you are 5'2" or 6'0" everyone always looks better in heels- in my opinion but I think it's a fact... no? In particular, the nude and beige shoe trends elongates the legs and make everyone look taller overall.

The nude and beige shoe trend has been going on for three winter seasons... I know this because I have the shoes to prove it!

One pair of nude wedges I wore so much this summer that I had to resort to crazy gluing them back together at Backstage Hardware outside of the Design Center. Arts and Crafts!
I love my new Jimmy Choo Aimee Pumps-great for client meetings and every day use.
Valentino, get compliments on these every time I wear them. They are so fab!

So fabulous that they need to be shown from multiple angles.

Back to the shoe, a bit more reasonable Stuart Weitzman Platswoon Pump
A little snake with hints of nude... loving Manolo Blanik Gatodo.
Christian Louboutin Aranea ...Would love to be caught in these webs!

Classic Jimmy Choo Alicia... sans platform.

Who doesn't need a little beige suede pump with glitter trim? I've got my eye on you glitter Choo!

Manolo Blahnik Campy- had to throw in a Mary Jane.
Beige and black Lanvin Embroidered Flower Pump! What a dreamy shoe!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Shells and Turtles

I love these original watercolors that I found in a local antique shop! Unfortunately, as I am relying exclusively on my iPhone photography, the vividness of the color and detail is not fully conveyed.

I found these to be really unique and fun while still maintaining a nice composition. These are probably late 19th century from France.

Please excuse the iPhone photo!

Here are photos of French turtle watercolors (same artist and dimensions as the shells above) also 19th century

Can't you just imagine these hanging on the walls of a beach house? Planning on presenting these to one of my clients for their home in Nantucket.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Friday Je T'aime... Throws for all seasons

I am always cold so I love to have a variety of different throws for the different seasons. Last spring I picked up this throw at the Patterson Group . It's a perfect lightweight cashmere throw for spring of chilly summer nights.

Designer Guild, Sarasota-Schiaparelli Blanket.

What a name, what a name - right? Combining one of my favorite places and icons, in a product name!I am kind of obsessed with the new Designers Guild Bedding, which you can see here on line? Perfect for a more a client with more feminine and bold taste, or for a little girls room.

I also love this zig zag pattern, especially the navy.

Now that the real fall weather is starting to set in, I think I will finally get a faux fur Pierre Frey throw. It feels like the REAL thing, sans the guilt!

Lastly, there is the "Ferrari" of cashmere throws the Hermes double faced cashmere fuchsia plaid Lourdes throws (*not available online, only in boutiques) As seen here in a detail shot from one of my projects.

I guess wearing cashmere head to toe is aways an option as well! Love this look from Loro Piana

Have a great weekend! Stay Warm!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

KMD Furniture design being carried at Jia Moderne!

Jia Moderne
is one of my resources for my more modern clients. They are also a wonderful stop for ancient Asian pieces and modern art. For Jia's newer lines I really love the Green T. House collection! The full line can be seen here -- the line has very unique and interesting pieces - more like art really! I wouldn't mind having the Quan Chair, seen below.

"There is No Chair", QUAN CHAIR (2007)

Still, I digress....

Recently, I designed a bunch of custom pieces for a Back Bay condo with Jia Moderneand this is highlighting a couple pieces made and a future in the works!

The low cabinet is modeled after the storage coffer with a circular lock plate from the late Qing dynasty. Most likely these were used as bedside tables. The cabinet was handmade using all the same joinery techniques of the ancient team in northern Beijing. Just as the antique was made from yumu (northern elm), so too was the low new cabinet produced from beams purchased just prior to the Beijing Olympics (and made surplus as a result). The finish is a use of Farrow & Ball, Charleston grey, over which traditional Chinese lacquer has been employed.

I am also looking forward to further collaborating with Jia. This week I will be looking at prototypes for an acrylic trunk piece I designed. VERY EXCITING, to have my furniture piece represented through Jia's Showroom! See below...

Betsy Sweat, the owner of Jia, loved my design of this occasional piece so much, she decided to put a couple into production and have some pieces made for the floor. So now we're moving forward to the prototyping phase! This piece could be a great solution for AV equipment, or a fun yet functional storage solution and side table (*can be made in all sizes.)

Ultimately, the client did not like the idea of "clear" for the project, so we had it made in the Charleston Gray. Still, something good came out of the process!

The concept as it was originally presented in the rendering for the client.

Trunk drawing with specifications and measurements

Trunk drawing rendered in Lucite material.

The hardware (*which I saw a couple months ago) is bronzed iron with a patina. Which will be a great juxtaposition to the very modern look of the trunk.

This is another piece I designed to house my client's art books, etc., through Jia Modern! This ancient Bamboo Monk Script, frame in Lucite with large stainless steel fixtures, is a very unique piece in the space.

I can't wait till November, when Michael Lee will be taking photos of this project!

Once the above acrylic trunk is finished and on the showroom floor, I will be sure to share!