Thursday, April 30, 2009

Ok, so I have been literally laughing out loud while trying to pick a song for my site. Some of the lounge songs sounded well....inappropriate -I thought this Coldplay's , Via La Vida is a fun inspirational tune!

I would love your thoughts! Pretty Please :)!

Pacific Heights Georgian Home, Design Crush

This home was recently featured in California Home & Design.
Interior Design by, Samantha Lyman
What a beautiful job!

Friday, April 24, 2009


Last night while searching for side, coffee and occasional tables, I came across these fabulous tables, how cool are these! I love this three piece gold table, so sharp and functional! A modern, classic! I cannot wait to see it in the finished living room. Enjoy the gold!

Sonoma Misson Inn, My Idea of Heaven

Last night I booked two flights to San Francisco, to work with a photographer to get some shots of my projects. I SOOO excited, until I realized that I booked it, missing MOTHERS day! Which cannot happen. Anyway, I will need to change the return flight. Point is, I am going to try and get to Sonoma, only a 45 min drive from the city and get at least at day or two in at the Sonoma Misson Inn. My favorite spa get-away! My husband has taken me here a couple times and it is amazing. All interior design done by Suzanne Tucker,, one of my all time favorite designers.

Wicker Purses

Fun Spring/Summer purses, I love them all!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Stark Sale, Rug Hunt

Look, what I found at yesterday at the, the the Hynes Convention center.
I need a rug for my Comm. Ave. living room project. They have a ton of area and broadloam options, at reasonable prices for this quality and level of design. If there are two thing you splurge on in a room, it is the Sofa and the Rug. Both should last you a very long time...if not forever. I say, buy the good stuff once and be done with it!
Which rugs option do you like?
Going back again today to pick out some more pieces for other rooms and projects!
Happy Friday! The weather is so nice here!

Project: Reupholstered Sofa

This is a small sofa, I helped a friend do in San Francisco. Since, I am searching through my computer for project photos for my website, (shameless plug)
I came across this sofa and thought I would share. I always loved this little sofa - the Pierre Frey fabric is so jazzy -- and it's just like a little party! Perfect for additional seating in a smaller room. Off to the - local designers reading, you should check it out!

Moroccan Poofs!

Ali Wentworth & George Stephanopoulos home, D.C.

I am using some of these Moroccan Ottomans in a living room I am finishing up. How fun are these! Looks like John Derian has a place in Provincetown, Ma. - I will need to hit this up this summer when I am in the cape, I am sure he has fabulous stuff! Also, these leather ottomans last forever, they are super tough and a great way to add some color!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Pink in a Powder Room, Manuel Canovas

New Wallpaper Collection from Manuel Canovas

I am using this Fontainebleau Wallpaper in color, framboise in a ladies powder room and the complimentary Strie in the small hallway leading to the the room. The colors in all of Manuel Canavas's fabrics and wallpaper are so saturated and beautiful, I love all his stuff!


This month when I receive my SELF magazine, I skipped right passed the "one minute abs", to the fashion section and it was a very dangerous situation. I loved everything in the spread...all these are posted on my cork board.

I have already pre-order the Kate Spade dress above, I know bad, bad....

If your like me and like to look like a Skittles Candy bag in the summer - you might like the clothes belows too!

All images from the April, Issue of Self

Project: North End Loft

This is a few photos from my project in the North End. This client needed additional closet space, so I designed this closet in the Misson Shaker Style and had my work crew build this. In almost all my projects, I have had the opportunity to design and build closets, for my city clients who need more storage. I really enjoy this process! I love complementing the already existing architectural elements in the space and making the clients life a little easier, with the new beautiful closet space.

The 15 foot ceiling in this bedroom are planked ( you can see parts of the ceiling in this closet photo, below.) Also I love the exposed beams and brick throughout this loft space.

The lamps are from Hudson and the bedding is Ralph Lauren from, Bloomingdale's. All the drapery is custom and relatively affordable. All the other furniture pieces are restoration hardware or PB.

Media/Pool Den - More pics of this room to come....

Step into my office...

Since, the sun has finally started to come out, I moved my desk downstairs to our sunporch, with 10 windows in this room (all the way around) I can always feel the sun on my face - which is welcome after this past winter!

Pro Shots Ben Gebo, Hollywood Glam Bedroom

A couple of months ago I attempted to take photos of my project on Comm. Ave. The photos came out terrible! The past two weeks I have been gathering photos of my projects around New England, Ben Gebo has been doing my photography. I highly recommend him to any interior designers reading, who need a pro for portfolio shots. Now, if I can just get Ben to go out to San Francisco for me to get photos of my projects out there....that would be perfect. Check out Ben's Work at

*Also, included in this post is an additional shoe & accessories closet I designed, which was not shown before. Stay tuned for

coming this Friday!

This is a custom closet I designed, built out from the wall. I did the whole room in the Dorothy Draper style, very bold and glamorous. All the knobs are crystal. Very 1930's Hollywood glam, don't you think...?

This Kim Cattrall shoe closet, was the inspiration for this shoe and accessory closet. This closet before, was a typical two bar plain closet. When I designed this shoe and accessory closet, I took advantage of the over 15 foot ceilings in the room -- for more shoe storage! You can never have too many shoes!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009


These are some of the pictures from part of a pacific heights flat I just finished. I enlisted a techinally challenged design friend in SF to go take some pictures for me. I should'nt really talk, because I am not exaclty a whiz kid on the computer!

Unfortunately he left the date on on the camera ( 04?!) and the pictures are not really good enough for my website which I am trying to get up -- still, I thought it was OK to throw up on the blog. More later, I am running out the door. As usual.

Ralph Lauren Summer

Since I am working on summer accessorizing on couple of houses, what I like to call a spring/ summer "refresh" -- I was scouting out Ralph's summer home collection. Ralph Lauren can do no wrong...I would buy everything here!
Also, I think those are Scottish Terriers below and I think I am in love! Ahhhh, I wonder if you can carry these little guys around? So adorable.