Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Darin Geise: English Country Side in SF

Darin Geise's home, owner of Coupdetat, was recently featured in San Francisco Magazine. As I mentioned in a previous post, Darin started me in the design business, over 10 years ago.

I love the English influence of Darin's layered and cozy Potrero Hill home. The colors are warm and inviting...it's the kind of place you want to come home to, light a fire and put your feet up! It's so Darin's style to take something fresh and fun like the high gloss trellis and layer large scale, serious portraits on top! Darin has always had great style, he is master a making it all look "acquired" and not stuffy.

You can read more about Darin in this article, here, the interview is by the legendary Diane Dorran Saeks.

My first Day of work, I show up a little early and see a lone bag in front of the shop (*Darin must have left to open the doors) the bag looks like this -- and being pretty young at the time, I think this is fabric sample bag or a briefcase of sorts. Then the bag starts Barking (I am really confused) ....Darin appears, let's out little Eleanor - the showroom dog...

Dog that looks like Eleanor, one of Darins pups
How cute is she?!

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