Monday, February 2, 2009

Coup D'Etat Antiques

Back when I was a little twinkie, 22, Darin Geise, the owner of Coup D'Etat in San Francisco, hired me as a sale person.

Darin's approach to antiques and vintage furniture, is fresh and hip. Below are a couple vignettes from his shop. Bob Wilms, the shops upbeat and knowledgeable sales director, was just quoted in the New York Times, giving tips about "Haggling" with antique dealers in this challenging economy, pretty interesting article here...

To see more go to :

For all you Bantams out there, these chairs are called cockfighting chairs!

How exciting and cool are these Zebra Chairs! I can just picture them in the ultra modern Sheats-Goldstein House, below.

More photos from the Coup D'Etat Shop:

My Pink Boudoir Chairs!

These bubble gum pink chairs, Darin had refinished and upholstered for me --back when I lived in a little Tiffany Blue Studio in Cow Hollow. I had the most girly studio, it was great!


  1. Their store looks incredible!

    Thanks for your e-mail. It looks like you are off to a great start!

  2. It is an amazing shop! If you are ever in SF, you should stop in -- they always have the most amazing pieces! Thank you for the compliments!