Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Your Full of It!

As a way to cope with the weather, I virtual shop (still, I mostly end up buying albums on itunes.) Can't wait to dust off my full skirts and dresses this spring -- loving this trend. It's flattering, comfy and polished.

Pink Tartan, Daisy Dress - abstract print above, plain tan below (*the back has an exposed zipper) These are Twirlin skirts ladies - nice and full.

Love the exposed zipper...

Joe & I - tanner times

Rockin the full skirt last summer. Shoshonna 2010, on sale now on blue fly

Then, this Valentino dress - not full, but I am in love.....see on the runway here
The roads are clear, off to the design center!

Have an amazing day ;)!


  1. Oh I do the same exact thing when I'm snowed in :)

    Love full skirts too! They're packed away right now. Can't wait for warmer weather so I can break them out.

    And that Valentino...AMAZING! :)

  2. Yes, couple more months and we can break them out! Can't wait!!