Friday, February 25, 2011

One Posh Sofa

Tory Burch, looking amazing on her super posh Sofa!

I first saw this sofa in the 2007 Vanity Fair Article on Tory Burch, it's been on my cork board ever since!

The plush velvet, the super deep seating, this sofa has all the bells and whistles -- or in this case all trims and fringes! So, this is a concept I am considering for my living room....still, I think I would do my sofa in this pretty blue...instead of green...and in a slightly less formal way (the trim is less intricate.)

Pillows=Silk Tiger Velvet, Sofa=Blue Velvet

Taking away the Tiger Pillows...and adding cut velvet for pillows.

....I can't do without the tiger pillows, what am I thinking?!?!

Oh and Tory....I love that dress! Somehow it always comes back to dresses for me :)
Happy Friday!


  1. You are soooo right! Gotta have the Tiger Pillows!!

  2. The fringe is too fun and whoa tiger pillows!

  3. I love the velvet! It's so rich and gorgeous, I'd love to have one too. It reminds me of Robert Cavalli...

  4. Very cool couch, but I don't know how many rooms could pull it off. It's so fun looking at the pics!

  5. Love the sofa Tory is on....very old school....Sister Parish or Mark Hampton. Love that these looks are making quite the comeback!