Thursday, April 30, 2009

Ok, so I have been literally laughing out loud while trying to pick a song for my site. Some of the lounge songs sounded well....inappropriate -I thought this Coldplay's , Via La Vida is a fun inspirational tune!

I would love your thoughts! Pretty Please :)!


  1. Hey Kristine! I love your site, and the song choice is great!!

    I LOVE that closet picture, I would die to have room for a closet like that in my apartment.

  2. Thank you Linda! Yes, I designed both of those closet - the shoe one and the black & white draper style one.

    I really loved the song as well...however, I got some mixed reviews. Then, when my friend who is a big shot movie and TV editor, in Hollywood, said "NO" to any kind of music - I feel like I should listen to him. He said it can scare people...when they go to the site and distract from the work. Which I can hard to make some of these choices!