Thursday, February 12, 2009

Recession Shopping

I can smell the spring here in Boston! This morning, I could see parts of the lawn. Which means, ladies -- it's time to start thinking about Dresses and open toe shoes! Dresses are so simple to throw on for work -- here are some of my favorites for spring/summer 09!

Also, since no one is actually buying these dresses at full price, most of them will be on sale at Saks within a month or so. Another tip, get to know a personal shopper at Saks (no charge for this service) -- or your local stores. My right hand lady is Phyllis at Saks, she knows my style and my size -- when items goes on sale she puts them aside, then gives me a call to come and try on all the goods. Roll your eyes if you want....but Phyllis pulled aside a Red Valentino dress for me, originally a $750 dress - which I bought for $115.00 -- and an open toe patent pair of Kate Spades for $45. Phyllis isn't messing around -- she loves her job and she is happy to bargain hunt for you :)


Diane von Furstenberg

One last thing about the Mother Ship, Saks.
...part of Sak's mission statement is that each sales person should give you full service, one stop shopping, "personal shopper experience" -- so really you "should" be able to find any sales person to do this for you (*the above mentioned) -- however, this is like need to find someone you like and who understands your style.

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