Thursday, February 5, 2009

Effortless Glamour

Suzanne Tucker, Tucker & Marks

While managing at Michael Taylor, I had an AMAZING opportunity to work with Suzanne Tucker. Suzanne was Michael Taylor's protege, and when Michael died she took over his clients. Suzanne is a relaxed, charming and funny! She is polite, but with a hint of wicked in the mix -- which keeps you interested!

I hope you enjoy her work, I know I do! I strive to be a designer like Suzanne Tucker! I will not comment on her portfolio pictures, they clearly speak for themselves. I feel lucky to have Suzanne as one of my mentors from the SF design community!

Would love to know your thoughts?

Hillside Project

To see more of Tucker & Mark, go to:
Suzanne did the Interiors for the Sonoma Mission Inn -its a great spa getaway
I highly recommend!