Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Michael S. Smith's Home = Perfection

Michael Smith's Los Angeles home, is my idea of absolute perfection. It is cozy and functional, yet very elegant and understated. His home has antiquities and investment antiques which give it that acquired and timeless look. While I work at Foster-Gwin, Michael was one of the best clients, purchasing amazing pieces. I have also had a couple of friends work for Michael and they say his is a tireless perfectionist. Which would explain his home -- Perfection.

This living room is perfect for entertaining with all the extra cushy seating...and it looks so
conversational and comfy!



  1. Kristine --

    A beautiful house, even if my tastes are much more modern. I was impressed with the ideas behind the "New American Home" unveiled in Las Vegas not so long ago:

    It's hard to say that a 9,000 sq. foot house is a good representation of what the average person could afford, but the lines of the place were nice.

    Hope you're well -- I like the blog!


  2. Hello Jeff,

    Thank you for the compliments! I do love Michael Smiths home and his style. However, I also have a great appreciation for modern architecture and interiors. Having lived in California for over 8 years, and learning how modern and clean architecture, with lots of glass walls and interesting angles – can really bring nature into the home and make the beauty of the outdoors be the “star” and point of a home – is also a very calming and beautiful way to live! Frank Lloyd Wright is one of my favorite architects of all time!

    Interesting Blog yourself!

    Kristine Mullaney