Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Star Cabinet Built-Ins & Dining Room Project

Kristine Mullaney Design, Sketch of Dining Room & Custom Built-Ins

1930's German industrial cabinet

This unusual German cabinet, was my inspiration piece for the built-ins designed for this dining room.

A glimpse of the built-ins, in the Dining Room we recently completed in Brookline.

As you can see, the paint color in the room changed (*from the sketch phase) to a very deep eggplant color. We silver leafed the glam is this? Details (not in photo) The table is a refinished antique, the chairs are upholstered with nail-head detail, a gorgeous transitional custom rug and a huge crystal dripping chandelier.

This is one side of the built-ins, with the star cabinet concept, which has been applied by our very talented faux painter. Can't wait to get the final photos of this project/home - it is fabulous!


  1. love this! Also did you do that drawing? I'm about to do a ton for my final project in school, I should come over and have you give me pointers, love it!

  2. Hi Lindsay! Thank you! We would be happy to have you stop by after the holiday rush and give you some pointers! Happy you love the project :)!

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