Friday, November 4, 2011

Friday Je T'aime.... Bernard Wharton

Bernard Wharton was honored at last night's New England Home Design Hall of Fame Gala. Last night, we were delighted and inspired to hear from Bernard Wharton about his illustrious career. Wharton grew up on Bermuda which explains his gravitation towards the resort lifestyle. He moved to Boston where he began to pursue architecture after taking a job at Arrowstreet as a so-called "office boy". He explained how hard he had to work to move up in the ranks and his initial start as the office Cinderella; having to clean up after very messy architects -- as we know, creative minds are rarely neat and tidy ;)

When he began his formal education in architecture, he knew immediately that he wanted to start his own firm- he did just that and Shope, Reno, Wharton have been working together since 1981. Wharton is loyal to an Arts and Crafts style and nods to the traditional vernacular while still striving to create space while improving life through design. While based in New England, the firm has projects both residential and commercial across the country.

In addition to all of their projects, the firm has also written a book "House, Home, and Heart: Artistry and Craftsmanship". They have also been featured on the Architectural Design 100 List.

You might recognize lust-worthy Further Lane Farm in East Hampton, New York. Incidentally, the famed Grayson mansion on the new series "Revenge." He also just finish the much talked about home in Brookline for John Henry, here in Brookline, MA.

When can we move in?

Have a fabulous weekend!

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