Monday, October 31, 2011

Monday Je T'aime... Arne Reimer

Overhead shot of Dancers at Rehearsal, Arne Reinmer

Recently, I stumbled upon the work of Arne Reimer. I was immediately captured by the realistic present in his work and wanted to know more...

Reimer, a mixed media artist, currently resides in Germany. So he proved to be quite difficult to track down. He completed his MFA at Mass Art and then began teaching at Wellesley College before returning to his native Germany. He has shown his work at several local galleries in Boston. He has two series circulating in the US at this time- dancers, shown below, and a second series of a movie theater. This project was completed in 2001, and is entitled Kraftig Nicht zu Schnell (Forcefully, Not too Fast). The title alludes to the pace of performance yet stillness present in these images.

His work suggests a very narrative composition. What I think is so wonderful about his work, in this series, is that one can relate from every perspective - be it a performer, audience, or backstage or waiting in the wings. The frames offer multiple vantage points- some up close and some from sweeping aerial views.

We are excited to be the first blog to share this series of Kraftig Nicht zu Schnell (Forcefully, Not too Fast), by Arne Reimer on Living with Style.

I can't help but think of this compositon as a modern day Degas....

I love this really feel like your in the wings.

My favorite.


P.S. Je T'aime Friday will resume to it's dedicated Fridays...last week we had too much work and the clients come first ;)

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