Thursday, October 13, 2011

KMD Furniture design being carried at Jia Moderne!

Jia Moderne
is one of my resources for my more modern clients. They are also a wonderful stop for ancient Asian pieces and modern art. For Jia's newer lines I really love the Green T. House collection! The full line can be seen here -- the line has very unique and interesting pieces - more like art really! I wouldn't mind having the Quan Chair, seen below.

"There is No Chair", QUAN CHAIR (2007)

Still, I digress....

Recently, I designed a bunch of custom pieces for a Back Bay condo with Jia Moderneand this is highlighting a couple pieces made and a future in the works!

The low cabinet is modeled after the storage coffer with a circular lock plate from the late Qing dynasty. Most likely these were used as bedside tables. The cabinet was handmade using all the same joinery techniques of the ancient team in northern Beijing. Just as the antique was made from yumu (northern elm), so too was the low new cabinet produced from beams purchased just prior to the Beijing Olympics (and made surplus as a result). The finish is a use of Farrow & Ball, Charleston grey, over which traditional Chinese lacquer has been employed.

I am also looking forward to further collaborating with Jia. This week I will be looking at prototypes for an acrylic trunk piece I designed. VERY EXCITING, to have my furniture piece represented through Jia's Showroom! See below...

Betsy Sweat, the owner of Jia, loved my design of this occasional piece so much, she decided to put a couple into production and have some pieces made for the floor. So now we're moving forward to the prototyping phase! This piece could be a great solution for AV equipment, or a fun yet functional storage solution and side table (*can be made in all sizes.)

Ultimately, the client did not like the idea of "clear" for the project, so we had it made in the Charleston Gray. Still, something good came out of the process!

The concept as it was originally presented in the rendering for the client.

Trunk drawing with specifications and measurements

Trunk drawing rendered in Lucite material.

The hardware (*which I saw a couple months ago) is bronzed iron with a patina. Which will be a great juxtaposition to the very modern look of the trunk.

This is another piece I designed to house my client's art books, etc., through Jia Modern! This ancient Bamboo Monk Script, frame in Lucite with large stainless steel fixtures, is a very unique piece in the space.

I can't wait till November, when Michael Lee will be taking photos of this project!

Once the above acrylic trunk is finished and on the showroom floor, I will be sure to share!

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