Thursday, January 6, 2011

Sebastian Kruger Video & Work

Recently I attended the opening night of the Sebastian KrugerLink's work at Newbury Fine Arts. Sebastian's focus is New Pop Realism and also has many star caricatures. I also picked up his new book, Faces. I had the pleasure of meeting Sebastian...he explained that a painting like the one of Michael Jackson below takes about 4 days, obviously the video is edited.

His work is so vivid and realistic you think your looking at a photo. He as been criticized as possibly putting paint on top of photos, so he started a workshop -- so people can see the process of his work.

I saw this video below at the opening and I was blown away...


can you believe this is a painting?

This is my favorite one...and it is a massive painting - I believe 70" x 60
It's like you can hear him saying..."I could have been a contender"

Marilyn Monroe's

One question I have for you Sebastian is where are your all your Ladies...? It's all Men! One Marilyn, one Sophia Loren...then another women in the book who looks like Madonna. I think you need to do more women portraits;) !

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