Friday, November 19, 2010

Scent Bombs

Last night, while trying to find the perfect accessories for the below powder room I just finished, I came across Cire Trudon Candles at Barneys. Since 2000, I have been a loyal Red Current Votive fan, have a couple shipped to me every couple months. Until, now....Cire Trudon candles are just magical and as Design Sponge perfectly describes "Scent Bombs"

Powder Room
Iphone photo

Install from last week, dining room & living room photos to follow. Custom shades for these sconces, in a Shantung Silk, to match the ground of the paper -- should be in soon. The vanity is a custom design, by KMD.

Cire Trudon, Est. 1643, is the oldest candle maker in the world and apparently the first candles for Marie Antoinette and Napolean...

Love the apothecary like display...

Cire Trudon boutique, Bond Street New York

Happy Friday! Off to another install :)! Cheers!


  1. That powder room is HOT, we need more pics of the rest of the house!

    Happy Friday!!

  2. Thank you Lindsay! Dining Room & Upstairs Master Bath Photos, soon. Also the dining room - Amazing rooms. Just need to get the pro photos. Will share soon!

  3. Love the display of the candles under cloches...AND the powder room. Have fun on your install today!! Janell