Monday, January 19, 2009

The Brilliant Ron Mann

Last summer I had the unique experience of getting a private tour of this house by Ron. Hillside, is nothing short of spectacular!

Ron is an AD 100 Designer, famous for his use of unconventional materials and taking things "off the grid," meaning whatever you would expect something to be -- he mixes it up and makes it interesting!

Ron designed everything in this home from the concrete walls to the furniture inside and out.

Yes, that is a banana! A blown up picture of a banana - as wallpaper! I wish I had a shot of his original painting of Houdini -- so wickedly awesome!
Spin me!
This is a steel table that actually turns! Look closely and you can see the built in round place settings - which also spin.

Ferrari Green

This color is custom matched to a rare 60's Ferrari color. Which Ron has coined Ferrari green! Hot! A color that is comparable is BM - tequila lime!


A Den built into the side of a cave!

Entrance to Ron's Ranch!

Ahhh, if these trees could talk! Ron's outdoor parties are notorious! With outdoor areas like these people are bound to end up dancing on the tables and sleeping outdoors! While having the best margarita ever, mixed by Ron, we had a chance to walk around with my dear friend William and my husband.

Rons sprawling rustic ranch is like the western frontier meets a lounge in Spain! Tons off outdoor pavilions and with cushy woodblock and concrete framed sofas, huge ball pillows, eating areas, then hidden work spaces with panoramic views of the Napa Valley.

Ron's likes to design houses, so your not afraid to kick up your feet and put down your drink! He uses outdoors fabrics inside in all the main living areas -- he loves patterns like these colorful and ethnic prints - available at Donghia

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