Thursday, January 22, 2009

All Eyes on Trina! Vintage Trina Turk Pieces ON SALE!

Trina Turk's one of a kind vintage finds, are available at the NEW Palm Springs residential store. For my California friends, I hope you take advantage of this Sale -- since you don't need to pay a ton on shipping for these pieces -- it's a NO brainier!

Shanghai love seat: VF_306 $2000, sale price $1600

3. Mosaic Chair: VF_304 $1200, sale price $960

1. Chandelier Club chairs (set of 2) : VF_307 $2200, sale price $1760

6. Arch print Chairs (set of 2):VF_201 $878, sale price $702.40!

5.Santorini Couch: $2800, sale price $2240

I know what your thinking...

Kris, are you delusional? You think these prices are great? Girlfriend we are in a recession...I want it for even less! Gotcha. Here we go...

Example below: Carolina Herrera Jr.

Bought this Sofa on ebay, for under $100.00. Then had it reupholstered for the tune of probably 700 - 900. Fabric sides were salvage left over from a larger piece. Main ground is a linen. Not expensive.


The first time Joe realized I could run (fast) with heels on was at the Alameda Flea market!

Ever since, I have never been able to get away with walking slow with him, it's out there...he knows.

That particular day I didn't find anything, but my lovely friend Kara found a beautiful Rose Tarlow chair - girlfriend please post it up!

Point is, these places are hit or miss...still it is really fun to hunt!
...Because there is nothing like seeing and feeling the REAL thing (ebay can be tricky)

To find pieces you can reupholster and make your own, you need to go to estate sales, antique stores and flea markets.

Check out the below flea markets, search for vintage pieces and antiques. Then become very good friends with your local upholster! Lastly, get a fabulous designer who can help you find some amazing fabrics.

California (bay area)

New York


Rhode Island:

My most recent antique store find, was found at a random shop in Ipswich, MA.

From the Estate for Priscilla Kidder, the founder of Priscilla of Boston

This was the last stop on a long day of "antiquing." I had no idea, Robert E. Driscoll's paintinhave been sold at Auctions ( ) for thousands. I just loved low big and bright this painting is!
It measures,
52W x 62"H

Here is a bit about Robert from his protoge, Mary Flaigs
Robert E. Driscoll
I have so much to thank Robert Driscoll for--he was a mentor and friend who encouraged me to pursue an artistic career. He generously shared his skills and knowledge and was always fun and inspiring to be around. Although he was recovering from serious surgery when we met, his charismatic spirit attracted all ages. His studio/gallery at the Osterville Harbor reflected his whimsical nature. When I first visited there he showed me a newspaper article written about him, in which he stated that he wanted to bring "happiness to the world through his paintings". I know he achieved this in his art, which truly expressed the person he was--playful and happy to be alive, capturing the beauty he saw in nature, through his floral and marine works...He was a truly unique individual...


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