Friday, July 28, 2017

Legends 2017

 Serena & Lily Window at Legends 2017                            Hotel View, Fairmont Miramar
                 Design By Burnham Design 

Ah, Santa Monica...I feel like I was there yesterday! Nothing like a Summer break to empty out notes, pictures, and events of the first half of 2017, with a true highlight being Legends 2017!  I love staying in Santa Monica, I mean who doesn't love an ocean view and to get away from the Hustle & Bustle of downtown. My brother Michael, who lives in Venice, attended the events with me, we had such fun!  Here are some pics from the event and my trip, Legends 2017!!

Opening "Gala Night" night at Fig & Olive, standing room only and quite the scene. Imagine 2,000 designers in one room -- lots of personalities.
They had this enormous and gorgeous rose wall as the back drop for the step and repeat, which we did of course...however I like this one better - my dress was parachuting in the step and repeat -- still rose wall was unreal, you can see it here  unflattering parachuting dress pic here 

Fig & Olive, Legend 2017 - Quite the scene 

I went to a bunch of panels, one that stands out was “Off Color: Demons and Disasters in Design” Moderated by: Madeline Stuart. Stuart is seriously chic, very funny, and wickedly witty. She had the whole 90's Chanel look going on...but of course updated.

One of her design disaster confessions was ordering a sofa for one of her clients, the late and great Nora Ephron, not thinking that there was a possibility it may not fit down the NYC foyer hallway. When the movers came they explained there was no way it was getting down the hallway, it was too wide. By this time Nora had locked herself in her office because she could not take the stress....
Apparently, the husband gave the movers a couple Benjamins and somehow they porked the sofa down the hall. I can imagine it was a stressful situation...

Nate Berkus, explained how he ordered an enormous amount of Terra Cotta tile for his back yard, without a control sample - from his iphone. Despite his husband telling him not to do it...It's always funny how we designers don't want to follow the same rules for how we handle our clients orders....even though we know how wrong it could go. The color was an awful bright orange and he had to pay to ship it back and a restocking fee. Nate was so gracious and polite and I really enjoyed meeting him! Then there were a ton of hysterical design faux pas, photos, and other disasters. 

Another great panel was “Floral Expressions: Empowering Pastels into Design”
Moderated by: Jessica Romm Perez, Editor-in-Chief, Domino. Amanda Lindroth, legendary Bahamian designer, told funny stories about how they sometimes need to steal flowers from there neighbors yard for centerpieces, when prepping for parties -- because of the lack of resources on the island. Aerin Lauder, told about her inspiration for her empire of gorgeous furniture and accessories. 

The Therien & Co showroom was absolutely spectacular....

I am obsessed with this mirror! Zoom in on the detail of this piece! When I worked at Foster Gwin, Collier had a smaller dutch mirror like this and I would look at it all the time. This one though, is massive and so striking in person.

Below are some other favorite shots from the Showroom!

This console with a perfect large abstract painting above it 👌

Super Mad Men, Super Hot set of chairs

Mecox - Love this Dean Photo

Had drinks and dinner at the bungalow with my friend Hillary Barraford, an actress. I love following her Insta stories

   Rose Tarlow - Love this bed

My favorite LA showroom

These large male wood artifacts are from a 1600'a ship, and the pair can be yours for 1 million 

Cool Chain Link, Table for Nantucket 

Bench Cuteness 

Before I left I paid a visit to Violet Greys absolutely perfect boutique beauty shop! 
It did not disappoint! Picked up a few goodies. 

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