Thursday, October 8, 2009

Giveaway Hand painted Sigrid Olsen Tray

Hand Painted Tray, By Sigrid Olsen

Please make a comment below to be considered for the giveaway! How would you use this?

Here is a video on Sigrid a bit of her story and new Venture the Isla Beach House
Sigrid is so inspiring and she has generously, offered this fun/beautiful ceramic tray as a giveaway here on Living With Style! Sigrid, has a new shop in Gloucester, the Isla Beach House. The shop has a little of everything, comfy casual wear, a hand painted ceramic line by Sigrid and a bunch of accessories sprinkled in...her is the post I did on the Isla Beach House, awhile back.


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  2. How would I use this tray? I would make puff pastry and top it with pink-colored cheese and a garnish of olive to give it a kick.
    And, of course, next to the tray I would have something alcoholic as pretty as the tray- Sangria?!?!
    Love your blog!

  3. Don’t enter me in this one (since I just won the awesome pillows and I don’t want to be greedy :) ) but I just wanted to say that it is a beautiful tray, whoever the winner is this time is very lucky!

  4. What a beautiful tray. Instead of using it to display food on it, I would rather see it everyday. Assuming this is a smaller tray, it would look pretty on a nightstand to place things like jewelry and perfume on it!