Thursday, June 11, 2009

THE DOOR, MILES and Summer Intern Apps

Miles Redd is such a stud! I love his NYC door and I am looking to recreate this in a project I am working on!
Here is an interview with him on New York Social Diary,
I can really can relate to him, especially the part about the new blackberry (only I got a iPhone, when I went to the dark side recently) and about not really being naturally drawn to technology.
...also the part about how there are no absolutes, skirted tables (yuck, sorry if this offends you) and about having thick skin.
**Also, thank you to everyone who applied for my summer internship. I will be setting up interviews for sometime next week. You are all very talented and I wish I could have you all work for me!


  1. Thanks for this link - I adore Miles Redd so I can't wait to see the interview. Have a great weekend!

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