Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Build An Ark - Sweet Things

For the full effect, listen on the Maison Verni Site, here

Last night when I came home from work, I reluctantly started the task of searching for a pair of serious snow boots online. Let's face it, winter clothing is just not sexy and well, snow boots, like flats are like a disease to me (homage to Lisa Vanderpump my fav housewife) -- so naturally I get sidetracked and somehow start looking for beach towels. Anyway, it was a good thing -- because I found this gorgeous song above -- please hit play.

I found myself on the Maison Verni website -- and I just feel in love with site & the background music (*I like the towels too!) It's by artist "Build An Ark" and the song is "Sweet Thing" - it reminds me of summer....and well less complicated times.

Is it me or does this instrumental have a hint of Van Morrison? Specifically, Tupelo Honey? If you listen at around the 2:21 point, I am hearing strong similarities.....

...but then, it also reminds me of the band AIR.....has the same nostalgic feeling a this song

Still, my choice would be this Missoni Beach Towel -- if I were looking for a beach towel....
But I am not, I am looking for boots - right?

Anyway, I did end up finding a pair of snow boots and found a great new band - which is fantatic! Here are my new snow boots, I call them my "Black Swan Boots" - the Sorel "Joan of Arctic" boot
Apparently, they are cozy up to -25 degrees, so I guess they will do the job. 47 days till spring!


  1. Hi there! Thank you so much for stopping by and for leaving such a sweet comment :) So happy to get introduced to you. This post had me laughing. So something I would do. I've been dying to get one of the Missoni beach towels. Maybe this year.... I'm definitely summer dreaming these days.

    Hope you have a wonderful day. Looking forward to following along :)

    {Oh and Lisa's my fave housewife too :)}

  2. Hi! Why do we live in the North East again? I know love the Missoni prints, perfect for a towel!

    Yours one of my new favorite blogs! The design center has been closed for two days, because of snow in boston -- so I have have a chance to be online, yours is just gorgeous.

    Thank you for the follow :)

    Lisa just cracks me up -- I love her British humour!